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Hybrid & Linked Plans

Linked & Hybrid Policies

A Linked Benefits policy is a unique life insurance product that allows you to protect your assets from a potential long term care (LTC) event and leave a legacy to your loved ones without having to purchase two separate policies. By paying an initial lump sum premium, you immediately create a death benefit for your beneficiaries and a pool of money to pay for covered long term care needs.

A Linked Benefits policy provides you with:

  • A guaranteed death benefit that is generally income tax free – your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit whether you use none, some or all of your LTC benefits
  • Value for your money – typically, your death and LTC benefits are significantly greater than your initial premium
  • Flexibility – no matter what happens in your life, you will have a guaranteed level of benefits

Linked Benefits can give you a sense of security about your financial future.

A Hybrid Policy features an ongoing annual premium and provides a level insurance amount that can be used as Life Insurance or to pay for Long Term Care expenses. A $250,000 Hybrid Life Policy could provide a $5,000 per month LTC benefit for 50 months of long term care.

You may prefer an ongoing regular premium as opposed to a lump sum premium. The Hybrid policies can be funded by withdrawals from IRAs or other retirement accounts.

You may want to transfer money from an existing life policy to a Hybrid policy to take advantage of the additional benefits.

It is wise to consider all your options including Linked and Hybrid policies when shopping for Long Term Care coverage.


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