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Dental & Vision

Research has shown the importance of regular dental and vision care to maintain good health.  Consistent treatment in these areas prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

Dental Plans

Dental Coverage is generally divided into 3 categories

  • Preventive Services: oral exam, teeth cleaning, topical fluoride, & bitewing x-rays
  • Basic Services: tooth repair, fillings, extractions, pain relief, & prefabricated crowns
  • Major Services: root canals, crowns, bridges, & periodontal work

Plans typically pay Preventive Services at 90% to 100%, Basic Services at 70% to 80%, and  Major Services at 50% to 60%

Dental plans have an annual maximum of benefits normally from $1,000 to $1,500 per year

Many dental plans are an HMO or PPO making it important to see if your dentist is In-Network

Emergency rooms are seeing an increasing number of patients for severe dental pain.  Most emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental problems.  Normally the emergency room will prescribe pain killers and refer the patient to a dentist.   This means the patient ends up paying the co-pay, deductible, or out of pocket co-insurance for the ER visit plus the cost of going to the dentist.  Many of these problems could have been avoided by regular dental care.

There are also increasing incidents of oral cancers and gum disease.  A regular dental exam will alert you to these potential problems long before the symptoms show themselves.  An early diagnosis makes these issues far easier to treat than in later stages.

Vision Plans

Most vision plans pay for an annual eye examination and provide a set amount towards eye glasses or contact lenses.  By having your eyes checked on a regular basis, your optometrist will notice any change in your eyesight.  Awareness to changes to your eyesight can prevent more serious future problems.

Many vision plans cover or discount the cost of the Optomap exam which checks the back of your eye and your retina.  This test gives a much more complete view of your eye and potential problems like a thinning or detached retina.

With many people working on computers and looking at screens all day, eye strain and reduction in eye clarity are very common.  Having good vision is critical to driving your vehicle properly, seeing potential dangers or hazards, and avoiding accidents.  People who drive on a regular basis like truck drivers and delivery workers should have regular eye exams.  An eye exam if a lot less expensive than an accident.


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